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October 17, 2009

Reload a page in Safari. How difficult it can be?

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I have been really annoyed for a while trying to find the reload button in Safari 4 under Mac. I just didn’t find it, but it seems I was completely blind and they’ve placed it in a place where you wouldn’t expect it. Just the right hand side of the address bar. What genius though it would be a good idea to change from where everyone assumes it is?

Yes, I know Cmd-R. It’s just that… Arg…

June 6, 2005

Apple and Intel Get Married

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apple and intel

So, they finally are moving to intel. Amazing…

I guess now there are millions of mac users completely upset

May 23, 2005

Apple and Oranges

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On slashdot there is an interesting story about apple considering using intel chips. including links from people who predicted this.

It’s interesting to think about it for a while and the effect it would have, even on all the apple lovers.

If somebody thinks this way apple would be a PC maker, this is highly unlikely, as some readers on slashdot point out. The thing is that a PC is not only a processor, but also an architecture. So, if apple simply removes the north bridge and uses an improved version or a similar IC, it would not be compatible at all with X86, as well as removing that back compatibility crap x86 has been perpetuating for so long. On the other hand, they could use a VLIW architecture, as in the itanium chip, and so, again it would be incompatible with the X86 market, but not on Linux (I guess).

Anyway, let’s’ see what’s apple next move

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