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February 16, 2012

Hanoi, crossing the street

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If you guys have been to Vietnam, you’ll know that traffic is chaotic and that there doesn’t seem to exist any kind of traffic rule.

Well, the rule for crossing the street among the millions of scooters passing by is just walk, at a steady pace and don’t stop. They’ll see you and they’ll avoid you. Sounds scary, but it’s easier than it looks like.

An example:

Images from Hanoi

Hanoi 2

Hanoi 4

Hanoi 8
street eating

Hanoi 10

Hanoi 13


Hanoi 23

Hanoi 26

Hanoi's Water puppets II
The famous Water puppets!

Hanoi traffic II
Crazy Traffic

Hanoi traffic IV
More Crazy Traffic

Hanoi 36

Hanoi 37

Hanoi 39
Street eating II

Noisy, alive, chaotic, commercial, Hanoi won’t leave you indifferent. Rich with street food, dangerous for the driving, crossing its roads is an interesting experience. Will come back.

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