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March 28, 2012

Flickr and Getty images

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Yesterday I had this surprise on flickr. I got an email from Flickr HQ saying that 5 of my photographs had been chosen by a Getty Images Editor because they think they could sell, so they’ve invited me to open an account on Getty Images with, initially, these images so that they can be sold. If they sell them you get paid a royalty. Not much, but I find this very exciting.

And it opens me to the possibility of submitting more of my photographs so that they can review them and approve them if they think they can sell.

The photographs that have been admitted are:

Hoi An 2
Vietnamese boats

The colours of Bodrum III
Fruits in Bodrum

Best Friend IV
Dog stretching

Ladybirds on Mount Etna

And my absolute favourite from all times:

Empire State Building V
Snowy NYC at dusk

What do you think? I’m willing to give it a go. Not sure about the one from NYC, although that’s probably the one that’s more likely to be sold.

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