About FON

As part of my studies in my e-business course at the University of Sussex, I have been asked to write a report of a company that is somehow involved with e-business (e-commerce, use of technology to become more profitable or efficient, etc.).

So, I have decided that I am going to do some research on FON, a company created by Martin Varsavsky who is famous for founding Jazztel and Ya.com, one of the biggest phone companies and ISP in Spain.

FON idea is to profit from creating a network of wireless users around the world, called the p2p of wifi.

My task is, first of all, writing a background briefing report about the company, and afterwards an investment recomendation based on my research and study of the subject.

I chose this company because I have a friend who is working there and because I think it is interesting to see if FON’s business model is profitable or not. By the way, I have no access to internal sources as Teo (hi Teo!!) is quite secretive about it (I think because of NDAs).

Anyway, I’ll post more about it in the near future, I guess. Stay tuned.

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