Extreme Temperatures

It seems that Seville holds the record for extreme maximum temperature in Europe. I found out accidentally reading the wikipedia. As sometimes the wikipedia is regarded as not being trustworthy (as anyone can change it), I wanted to look for an official website and found one at the National Climatic Data Center (from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration ) in which it is confirmed.

But, as some might think that the 19th century is too far away, have a look at this graph from 2003 in Seville . But, if you are amazed by the maximum temperature, have a look at the minimum at 02:00. By the way, those temperatures were measured in the shade.

temperature in Seville - Aug 2003

Note: If the link above does not work, try this one at flickr

Note2: Thinking of going to Seville? Better avoid July and August.

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