My feeling lately in the mornings

{% img center I would have chosen death instead %} Except that I haven’t smashed the phone… yet.

Social Engineering at Work

I’ve never had social engineering done at me, but recently there was this guy who phone me by directly calling MX Telecom’s number. He said he was calling from DHL and that he had a package to be delivered for me. He wanted the name of two other people who would sign the delivery report in case I was not there. I complied and later a colleague told me that this is most likely a recruiter collecting names from the companies.

Amdocs buys MX Telecom

So, the company I work for, wammux, has been bought by Amdocs, the super mega corporation that owns openmarket, in order to merge us with them. The deal has been $104 million in cash !!! Don’t really know how that’s going to affect us. We shall see. More information about Amdocs in wikipedia.

Apple Converted

Over the last few months I’ve acquired a few items from Apple. Namely and Mac Book Pro 13”, an iPod Touch 2nd gen (which came with the Mac Book Pro and I’m reselling, probably) and an iPhone, with O2. I’m quite pleased to be honest. It might be that I’m getting older but I’m lately not so apt to be continually fighting configuration issues and stuff with Linux (which I haven’t erased from my life.

Moving to London

Well, it was time to leave Brighton and move on to something different. Boredom, lack of internet and sleep has been a constant over the last couple of months. Finally, I found a job in London and moved to it to, well, start something different/new. Moving all my stuff from Brighton to London has been a bit of a pain in the ass. I had way too many things to move.

Depeche Mode and Barcelona

Tomorrow I’m heading to Barcelona to see my first Depeche Mode concert of the Playing the Angel tour at Palau Sant Jordi sports arena, built for the 1992 olimpic games. While I am not finding this last album exciting at all (maybe I am changing musical tastes), I am really excited to go to Barcelona, as it is always a city with a lot to offer. Also, I’m seeing some of my friends as they are comming from Seville to the concert, which is going to be lots of fun.

Computer puzzles in job interviews

Yesterday, I went to a job interview. I was asked some difficult problems and ways to solve them. One of them was: We have a list of a million phone numbers on the standard input and we have a reduced memory pc which we want to use it to sort them and use to check later if any number given is in that list or not. The solution offered was to use an array of bits and use the number as an index, so if b[1234 ] == 0 would mean that the phone number 1234 wasn’t on the input list and 1 would mean that we had it.