Alan Wilder live with Depeche Mode at the Royal Albert Hall

Tonight I had the honour to attend a Depeche Mode concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It was a special night (not that they usually perform at the Royal Albert Hall, usually The Wembley Arena or the O2) as they were performing for a charity, Teenage Cancer Trust. So I got there by chance as Luis (many thanks), a friend from Spain who had an extra ticket. he’s spared it with me in exchange of accommodation in London.

Depeche Mode and Barcelona

Tomorrow I’m heading to Barcelona to see my first Depeche Mode concert of the Playing the Angel tour at Palau Sant Jordi sports arena, built for the 1992 olimpic games. While I am not finding this last album exciting at all (maybe I am changing musical tastes), I am really excited to go to Barcelona, as it is always a city with a lot to offer. Also, I’m seeing some of my friends as they are comming from Seville to the concert, which is going to be lots of fun.

Depeche Mode sucks lately

Ok, so depeche Mode are going out on tour. Normally, this happens when some rock star or band publish a new album and they want to promote it. It’s the best way: touring around the world to make people know about it. But now, dM is just announcing a new tour for their new album… Wait! What album? … No album? This is really pathetic They haven’t even changed the font face on the website.